Website Maintenance Plan

Website Maintenance Plan

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"If you are happy with your current website design, but you need help keeping your content up to date, call FaberHost for assistance.”

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Does your existing Website need fresh content or routine updates? Do you need to search optimize a couple of new pages or target specific keywords? We offer full service website maintenance service solutions.
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Are you looking for reliable, experienced, and affordable website maintenance service? You’ve come to the right place. Web maintenance plans are best suited for organizations that are growing fast but do not have the staff yet due to budgeting or the workload. Our professional team is ready to become your partner. No matter what your needs we can find a workable solution that’s affordable too.

Monthly Maintenance Plan

For those companies looking to have their web site updated on a regular basis we offer the monthly website maintenance plans found below to meet your business or organizations needs.

Below are some of the services for our Monthly Maintenance Plan:

  • Monitoring website activity
  • Product changes and additions
  • Add breaking news or upcoming events
  • Add photos, banner, graphics, graphs and charts
  • Page changes and additions
  • Link changes and addition
  • Text re-writes and improvements
  • Full backup of your website and hosting

The following website maintenance is not covered under monthly maintenance plan:

  • Redesign website / Site makeover
  • Database creation/implementation
  • All programming development
  • System architecture

"Pay As You Go" Hourly Rates

Don't like contracts? No problem. We provide a "Pay As You Go" maintenance plan that is available to you upon request. No contracts and no obligations. To order the "Pay As You Go" plan, send us your detail information of the maintenance that you need. We'll send you an quotation and after that we’ll send you an invoice for our services and perform the maintenance items you requested in your list upon receipt of payment. If you are not a new client and wish us to update your website, you'll need to give us your FTP login info so we can update your site.

Delivery Time

Delivery Time

Website Maintenance service times depend on the chosen maintenance plan.Clients requesting maintenance service on an as needed basis may face delivery times of up to ten working days. Clients contracting for monthly maintenance plan receive first priority when requesting maintenance service.

Refund Policy

Delivery Time

There are no refunds of your website maintenance plans. When you purchase your plan we set aside time in each month that is dedicated to your website maintenance needs. We set this time aside every month and we can not sell your time to someone else as the time schedule is set in stone whether you use the time or not.